19 November 2022

Further comment on the appointment of a Special Counsel

Once again, we see the just overwhelming hypocrisy of the Right Wing Party in this country, and this (unlike "Trump Cult") includes most of the Republicans in public office. After the almost universally acknowledged abuses of the old Independent Counsel law, which gave us Ken Starr and the absolutely ridiculous endless investigation of the non-story Whitewater followed by endless delving into the personal life of President Clinton, at a cost of tens of millions of dollars to the taxpayers and untold damage to the country and its international reputation, both Republicans and Democrats early in this century acquiesced in the sunsetting of that law, replacing it with the current Special Counsel law. The Mueller investigation I think demonstrated the fecklessness of this situation when a partisan Attorney General is in place. But this is different. Here, the use of the Special Counsel law is almost literally bending over backwards to avoid even the slightest suggestion of a conflict of interest when the public record is clearly indicative of the commission of serious crimes. And there is no question of prosecuting a sitting president. Yet they object. Do they really think they would have fared better under the old Independent Counsel law? The current procedure will cost some delay, but will ensure, insofar as is humanly possible, that the completion of investigation and anticipated prosecution of this criminal will be fair. The alternative, clearly, is to simply declare that former kings are above the law and can never be brought to justice. And does anyone seriously believe the Right Wingers would apply that standard to a former Democratic president? I call BS and say, seriously, shut the f* up and let Mr. Smith get on with the job. 

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