11 November 2022

New York and Florida! WTF!

What the hell happened in New York and Florida this election? In 02000 Gore and Bush were within a few hundred votes; now, 22 years later, DeSantis beat Crist by almost 20 points! What happened to Florida? And, thanks to that complete scum Cuomo and his conniving with Republicans to gerrymander New York, we have probably lost the House. Where everywhere else, almost (one other anomaly being my district, which pisses me off), close races went to Democrats, in New York, apart from the governorship, Republicans did much better than in, for example, neighboring Pennsylvania. 

Democrats have a lot of work to do before 02024 to make sure that every Democratic vote turns out, and we overcome these structural problems. Since MAGA is clearly very unpopular, and the Republicans have no policy platform at all, this should be doable. We should defy conventional wisdom again and win the 02024 elections thoroughly and systematically. 

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