14 November 2022

Status of the House a long shot for Democrats, will "definitely" come down to California

With the OR 5th district now conceded to the Republicans (chagrin!), this LA Times piece about the NINE still undecided races in California is particularly telling. There is the slimmest of chances for a Democratic majority in the House, and it's all down to California. 

There is of course no remaining chance for a real working majority in the Senate, so the miracle result of actual improvement in our legislative position overall which I secretly hoped for and thought might actually happen is out of reach. There is even an argument, advanced rather halfheartedly by Josh Marshall of talkingpointsmemo.com, that Democrats would be better off without a House majority at this point, because otherwise they will be blamed for everything that doesn't get done due to obstruction in the Senate, and may be more likely to lose in 02024. I don't buy that, but it probably won't matter, because this really is the slimmest of reeds.   

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