10 November 2022

Nissan, Toyota, Subaru EVs? Better rethink that.

Just in case you were thinking you'll wait for the Toyota or Subaru EV (same car, essentially) or get a Leaf, out of brand loyalty to Toyota, Subaru or Nissan, take note. EV international expert Sam Evans ("the Electric Viking") has disclosed test results that show: 

1. The new Leaf is ok, but subpar in range and important features such as battery temperature control and advanced infotainment, for the price.
2. The BZ4 Toyota and Subaru Solterra (same car) fails utterly to live up to its advertised range, and, for the price, is basically a rip-off. (Also, Toyota is whining that it cannot make the car at a profit and will therefore only make as many as it has to to be compliant with laws... a "compliance car.")

Subaru is no doubt really sorry they decided not to make their own electric vehicles... because it's probably too late to save the brand. That's how fast this paradigm shift is occurring. 

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