28 November 2022

Elon Musk threatens to wreck.... Tesla

 There are... possibly wrong... reports that Elon Musk, mad that Google and Apple might "deplatform" Twitter, is threatening to have Tesla make a phone with its own operating system. Look. Tesla is an amazing success. They have dominated the EV market just as the paradigm shift to EVs is beginning to really pick up steam, especially in China and Europe (where Tesla is actually competitive, even in China). But if he thinks associating his businesses with radical right wing libertarianism and, by extension, fairly or not, Trumpism, he is an idiot. He could actually destroy the phenomenal success of Tesla, because there really is such a thing as a boycott, and they can be extremely effective. To tell the truth, I, for one, would already think twice before buying anything from an Elon Musk company, including Tesla. Business and politics don't always play nice together, and he has nothing to gain with this kind of showboating. 

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