03 November 2022

Widely reported that Trump will "almost certainly" run in 2024

Shortly before I retired in 2014, I said to one of the secretaries in our office, a Jamaican American who had just opined that Donald Trump was going to be elected president in the near future, "Well, I can tell you right now. Donald Trump will never be president of the United States."

Obviously, my ability to predict the depths of depravity to which the electorate might sink in this country was not up to snuff. 

But I just cannot grasp how it is possible that Donald Trump will be able to run again. It seems very likely he will have to either settle or face trial in the NY lawsuit that threatens to unpend his fraud... I mean business... and he will very likely be indicted in at least two pretty serious criminal matters, those being the interference in the Georgia election and the Mar a Lago documents case. In both of those, conclusive evidence against him is already a matter of record. And the Insurrection case and the criminal case which should have... and still might... grow out of the same evidence as the NY civil case are also potentially extremely dangerous for the Don. Even if the midterms go badly for Democrats, it strains belief that a criminal with those kinds of legal trouble could run for and win the White House. Never before in American history would such of thing be given even a moment's consideration as a possibility. But... well, we are living in strange times indeed. You simply cannot rule out anything. 

I will say this, and it's hardly a novel notion: if Trump is elected to a second term (with hiatus, which is not unprecedented)... American democracy will be over and done with. We can not recover from the damage he would almost certainly do if put in that position. 

So, whatever happens next week, if you care a fig for the United States of America, you will do everything you possibly can to ensure that never happens. 

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