04 November 2022

Clarence Thomas must go

Heather Cox Richardson summarizes facts relating to the Eastman documents that were leaked to the press ... by Eastman's stupid lawyers who left a live dropbox link in a public document. Seems Eastman, who clerked for Clarence Thomas, not only communicated with Thomas's wife, Virginia Thomas, about an illegal coup involving fraudulent election schemes, he also conspired with her and with others to try to get a faked-up petition "of some sort" before Clarence Thomas, who would be expected to rule in their favor, in order to get "the Georgia legislature in gear" to, pretty explicitly, overturn the actual vote of the people of Georgia and try to throw the election to the House. Where, under archaic and undemocratic rules, Trump would simply win by fiat despite losing the election popularly by 7 million votes nationwide. 

This is not merely disgraceful. It is not merely conspiracy to defraud the United States by Eastman and others. And it is not merely grounds for recusal or even merely an ethical violation on the part of Thomas (if he could be inferred to have known about it). With that same caveat, scienter... meaning he knew about it and didn't report it or recuse himself from the related documents case, this is a dead bang impeachment case against Thomas. 

We are maybe going into a dark period. But, as Glenn Kirchner likes to say, "Justice Matters." We cannot allow this to simply slide along as business as usual. One way or the other Clarence Thomas must be removed from the Supreme Court. The man has no ethics, no respect for democracy, and no fealty to the Constitution. If that's not "bad behavior," which is all it takes under the Constitution, I do not know what possibly could be unless he were to just take a gun out while in session and shoot one of the lawyers or something. 

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