10 November 2022

The cases against Trump, notwithstanding politics

There is a rational argument that slow walking the prosecution of Trump, by, say, appointing a Special Counsel to handle all the Federal cases against him, might actually benefit Democrats in 2024. By preventing the Republicans from shifting the blame to Democrats for indicting the cult leader, but at the same time keeping him tied up in various long-dragging legal woes. (Maybe then proceeding to nail the bastard once and for all in December, 2024?) From a purely political-strategic point of view, this could actually be the best course of action. I think the election results demonstrate that Trump is now very probably a liability to the American Fascist Party (so-called Republican party) for 2024. But, as Glenn Kirschner likes to say, Justice Matters!.... so I oppose this idea (which has actually been floated as a trial balloon). The most legally sound procedure based on the facts and the law, and given that quite a lot of time has passed since the optimal time to appoint a Special Prosecutor, if there ever was one, is to simply proceed to indict him for each and every crime where there appears to be a very good case for conviction beyond a reasonable doubt. And since the great majority of reputable former federal prosecutors who've weighed in on this have concluded that just the public record alone is enough to convict him of several very serious felonies, this should now move forward with all deliberate speed. 

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