16 November 2022

No red wave, but. . .

Somehow I didn't expect the debacle most seem to have expected. I listened to people like Simon Rosenberg and Tom Bonier, who said the polls, especially the polling aggregates like Fivethirtyeight, were being systematically skewed by junk polls like Trafalgar and Rasmussen, and that the early vote actually indicated a strong showing for Democrats. So for me, the results were a bit disappointing, because I honestly thought we had a decent chance of holding onto the House. Which, in fact, we did (have a decent chance), but the chips fell a bit short. Especially in New York. 

So it is with great pleasure that I read that, more than a week after the election, it is finally clear that my hero Katie Porter (D-CA) won re-election to her seat from Orange County, California. 

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