16 November 2022

Donald Trump as a disease

You often hear Donald Trump and his cult following analogized to a "cancer" on the Body Politic. (The latter term itself a rather blunt, cliché metaphor with its origins in Spinoza and Hobbes). I think the metaphor of a serious but not necessarily fatal infection is more apt. We have tried various remedies, and none have completely cured the disease, although they do appear to have weakened it and perhaps reduced the probability of fatality. But even in this analogy there is a place for radical surgery... to excise the necrotic tissue that is Donald Trump himself. Whoa! I am not advocating assassination. But I am saying that this man needs to be prosecuted for his provable crimes to the full extent of the law, and as as expeditiously as possible. Because a nation that does not enforce its laws against the highest profile criminals, who thumb their nose at its ability to reach them, cannot last. 

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