18 November 2022


Not exactly a stunningly original observation, but anyway: Elon Musk may be a really smart businessman when it comes to creating enterprises that actually build advanced technology, like electric cars 15 years ago (he's built the biggest electric car company in the world and electric cars are about to wipe out the internal combustion industry)... and amazing reusable rockets. You can't just joke these accomplishments off. But as a manager of people, and in particular social media, his ineptness appears to be epochal. After spending $44 billion, not all his own money, to buy Twitter, there is serious discussion of the possibility that his management since the sale went through has killed a company whose only real value was its social functionality, maintained by its people. He has shown no respect or understanding of that, and the possibility that Twitter will simply implode and cease to exist entirely is actually a real danger for them. For me, I do not care. I used Twitter very little, and objected strongly to his plans to remove reasonable controls against abuse, so I canceled my account and removed the app and links to it from my devices. And many millions of other people did the same. Trending now: #RIPTwitter. We shall see. Likely there's enough momentum to bring it back from the brink, but wow, what a debacle. 

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