30 November 2022

The EV paradigm shift continues apace

I'm guessing some of my farflung correspondents are tired of my seeming obsession with what I think of as the "Big Paradigm Shift" in automotive technology and business... towards electric cars. But bear with me. It is crystal clear to everyone involved that the Chinese got out way ahead of the curve on this, and will reap rewards. The US has Tesla, which is poised to increase its market share enormously, but the Chinese have BYD and no fewer than 18 other manufacturers poised to make electric cars that will soon be cheaper than comparable internal combustion cars. This is a solid fact that will be absolutely devastating to the Germans and, especially, all of the Japanese makers, who have simply failed to get themselves ready for the rapidity of this shift. 

But Ford and GM (not so much Stellantis, which owns Chrysler) are working hard, and US policy to discount US built cars, are poised to hold their own. GM just announced it will sell EVs in the near future at parity with ICE cars in price. This is the angle of repose, where the landslide will begin. I think it's now inevitable that makers who cannot be ready for 80% or more sales of EVs by 2030 will be left in the dust. But Ford, GM and Tesla... US based companies, will likely survive and thrive. 

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